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Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit is an assurance made by any Bank institution on behalf of a buyer or a seller to settle the unsettled loan or sum of money. For example, if a buyer is unable to settle the amount to the seller, he can issue a guarantee request to his bank and the bank will provide a guarantee by covering the sum of money and proceed to the seller. Also, it can provide the goods to the buyer if the seller is unable to do so and request the bank to make the purchase. This process can be done only if the buyer or seller cannot fulfill the deal placed in their contract.

Stand by letter of credit and Bank guarantee

A Standby Letter of Credit is a paper document produced by the bank that guarantees to a beneficiary on behalf of the buyer or seller and is used as a conditional insurance if necessary. SBLC is not produced unless either of the parties defaults the lease. In contrast, SBLC is used only in higher commodities and is very rare. If there is no prior negotiation made by the parties when SBLC is produced, the owner can dispute the lease in court.

BG and SBLC are almost the same in their process, contractual assurance, protection, and security. The only difference between them is that BG protects both the buyer and the seller whereas SBLC protects only the seller. The BG will compensate the unsettled contract made by the buyer. The SBLC cannot protect the buyer since it is irrelevant for the seller to get any letter of credit from the buyer. Similarly, in terms of performance, SBLC will make sure that the seller affirms the bank to make contractual funds by issuing the letter of credits. Thus making payment faster, even during a currency crisis. But the performance of BG is different because it does not issue any credit to the sales but just pledges when there is a critical commitment of buyer or seller.

Who provides BG/SLC?

Mostly lease BG SBLC providers are difficult rather impossible to find since they are dealt with private placement investors and brokers. The providers are selective on their clients where they mostly prefer investors who only possess higher Net worth. Those investors draw some special financial skills to negotiate with the providers hence make it worthwhile only between them. In addition, the monetization fails during delivery for half of the providers. Also, there are higher possibilities of being scammed by the investors or the brokers. Sometimes a lease can be fraudulent.

However, some sources claim that BG and SBLC are not issued by banks. They are just a deliverer between the buyer and the seller where the lease BG and SBLC providers pass financial forte (BG or SBLC) to the receiver through bank instruments. It also asserts that banks are not the initiators of BG and SGLC thus leaving a riddle to most of the people contact us for BG/SBLC  Procedures

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