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Monetizing Bank Instruments

What you need to know about Monetizing Bank Instruments

One thing I have noticed about this niche of finance is that common sense does not prevail. Allow me to be even more frank. Most people don’t know what they are doing.

Yeah you heard me right.

Most people, brokers included, have absolutely no clue what it takes to be successful in Monetizing Bank Instruments.

Many brokers think that if they have an instrument, then someone who is involved in monetizing bank instruments will automatically give them several million in cash and it’s all over. In reality however, the truth is much different.

People who purchased a Bank Guarantee, a Standby Letter of Credit, or other bank instrument are often shocked to learn that their newly purchased instrument was never designed to be monetized and is therefore worthless for their intended purposes.

Bank Guarantees can be worded specifically for monetization, i.e. to secure credit lines. Not all Bank Guarantees are intended for monetization so it is important to understand what you paying for and what you are getting to ensure that it will work for your intended purpose.

If you don’t have a bank instrument, we suggest acquiring your BG from us, this means that the monetizing process will be easier, smoother and faster since we provided the instrument through our prime banks.such as HSBC London/Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Citibank New York, Deutsche Bank Germany

The truth of the matter is that having the money to buy an instrument doesn’t mean that your project will get funded or that your bank instrument can or will be monetized. Of the limited providers who work with Monetizing Bank Instruments, it is very possible that none of them will be interested in monetizing your Bank Guarantee.

What you need to know…

First things first. You should know who will be monetizing your instrument before you purchase it. You should also understand that not all BG’s or SBLC’s are the same.

Pay attention to where the BG is coming from. Is it from Europe, Africa or Asia? The jurisdictions and legal ramifications are not the same and you should know and understand the differences. This will also affect the instrument’s cost and acceptability to third parties.

Read the language and text of your SWIFT MT-760, Bank Guarantee or SBLC carefully. Pay attention to every word and have it reviewed by professionals and the beneficiary prior to paying for anything. Verify if the bank instrument is intended for monetization and find a supplier who will monetize it in advance.

I already bought an instrument! Now what?

This is where the confusion and frustration sets in. You have your BG or SBLC and your monetizer fell through. You now need another provider that specializes in monetizing bank instruments.

Bongyan Finance Limited can help, however, Your Bank Guarantee is not enough. Just showing someone your BG or SBLC text will not be sufficient to establish a credit line. Of course the text is the first thing we will look at but its far from the only thing we will consider.

What else is needed to be successful in Monetizing Bank Instruments?

Several things. A business plan and solid relationships are a good start. In other words, you must have an actual project and a professional business plan.

The key is that you must have your paperwork together and you must have a tangible way to make money from your project or investment. Ultimately the investor must like and believe in your project. Anyone can purchase a Bank Guarantee but only those who have done the hard work will actually get in monetized.

Be prepared to submit a full CIS (or Bio/Application) on your company and its officers along with a complete business plan and the text of your BG or SBLC. Explain how you acquired the BG and why you need it monetized.

Go into detail about how you plan to exit this strategy and how you intend to return the instrument at the end of the term. Be aware that you may need to show POF (bank statements, not blocked funds) in many cases. Good luck and happy new year to all our numerous customers from around the world. My wish is that this year all your dreams and plans will come to fruition.

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If you want to lease, rent or purchase a BG, SBLC, DLC, letters of credit etc or you want us to monetize your instrument, kindly contact us

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