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Buying or Leasing SBLC

Hello Sirs/MA,  Are you Looking for a genuine and reliable Provider to buy or lease a Standby Letter Of Credit (SBLC) or a Bank Guarantee (BG)? Well, your search ends here and there is no need to look any further. We are experts at handling issuance as well as monetizing of SBLC/BG and we have successfully done this many times over.

SBLC Monetizing Simplified

Have you ever wondered why does a monetizer monetize any financial instrument? The answer may seem rather simple. A monetizer makes a lot more money than what he pays the instrument owner by way of LTV (Loan to Value). And he does this by using the instrument to activate his own leveraged Credit Lines made available to him by his bank. Which means, a valid, cash backed instrument has the capacity to induce availability of trading capital to a securities trader much in access of its own Face Value. This empowers the trader to close huge transactions leadings to humongous profit generation, a part of which is then passed on to the original instrument owner by way of the LTV. This also means, monetizers are essentially securities traders who uses the instrument owner’s capital to make profit. Logical corollary to this is the fact that no monetizer, by this logic, would provide a BPU via SWIFT to the instrument owner’s bank because the monetizer is not purchasing the instrument. Hence, all who seek to monetize their financial instruments such as Medium Term Notes (MTN), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), or Bank Guarantees (BG) must stop asking for BPU (Bank Payment Undertaking) from any monetizer. This means there are risks involved and hence expert legal advise and thorough due diligence of the monetizer/ Securities Trader is a pre-requisite. This also means throwing those myriad so called “consultants” out of the window if they cannot substantiate their legal association with a monetizer or a securities trader.

Monetizing a bank instrument (BG/SBLC) thus means raising finance against it. In order to receive either cash funds or raise a credit line against a owned cash backed financial instrument. It is important that the bank instrument is worded specifically (verbiage) for the purpose of receiving cash funds for either viable projects, Platform Trading or securing a credit line. Receiving cash funds or raising a credit line against a bank instrument issued for purposes other than these, may be difficult to monetize.

Monetizing bank instruments is the process of liquidating such instruments by converting them into legal tender. We can monetize or lend on credible bank instruments issued by rated banks to be used for project funding as well as move them into various trading platforms quickly and easily while creatively incorporating them into financing certain development projects.

This process allows you to:

  • Monetize instruments for cash as well as for raising a credit line
  • Monetize instruments for buy/sell platform entry
  • Monetize instruments for both cash and buy/sell platform entry

SBLC Monetization

We offer monetization/discounting of bank instruments such as: Cash-backed Standby Letter Of Credit/Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC). Medium and Long Term Notes (MTN & LTN). Our monetization rate (LTV) is excellent, and our procedure is seamless, stress-free and quick.



Prime and non prime banks are acceptable.

AAA Rated Banks preferred.

[Non rated Banks require Corresponding Banks]

PLEASE NOTE: Monetizer does not ask for any upfront charges/fee of any kind. You transmit your SBLC via SWIFT MT-760 and in return we monetize and transfer the monetized funds to you without delays.

LTV 70-85% depending on BANK Rating.

[Our Principal DOES NOT accept Leased Instruments.]

Procedures are simple:


*Clients deliver standard Compliance:


*KYC current

*Bank Officer Business Cards

CONTRACT IS SIGNED within 24-48 hrs

CLIENT SENDS CASH BACKED SBLC via SWIFT MT-760 to receiving bank coordinates provided by monetizer

3 TRANCHES are delivered to disburse the LTV FUND between 10-20 Banking Days.

Instruments are returned 7 days prior to maturity or as agreed.

RECEIVING BANKS:  Platform uses Citi/JPM/BOA

Platform Principal’s Beneficiary Partner Accounts are under contract, allows CLs to be extended past $5B to $30B as required.

Highest Credit Rated SBLC Issuers:
1 – Singapore 88.6
2 – Norway 87.66
3 – Switzerland 87.64
4 – Denmark 85.67
5 ▲2 Sweden 85.59
6 ▼1 Luxembourg 83.85
7 ▼1 Netherlands 83.76
8 ▲4 Finland 83.1
9 – Canada 82.98
10 ▲1 Australia 82.18

CASH BACKED SBLCs from any of these countries, we can provide 100% LTV paid out in 3 tranches between 10-20 banking days from verification of SBLC via SWIFT MT-760.

Wonder how we do this ? It’s simple, we have credit lines activated by the A-AAA rated Issuing SBLC Bank via MT-760.
We can afford to negotiate with our Bank to provide a 3 Tranche disbursement of the 100% LTV within 10-20 Banking Days. It’s not the ability to provide the LTV, it’s the timeline we give to our bank to release the funding.
The longer we have to disburse the LTV, the more we can disburse to the client.
The reason why most platform can only issue a maximum of 95% on AAA rated Banks, is because they keep 5% for the Bank costs and for themselves.  If you don’t understand how credit lines work, then people will always believe what they’ve been told by third parties. It’s up to you how much you want to pay out on an incoming instrument assign for 366 days.


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